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Looking for a cost effective SharePoint intranet solution to connect your employees?  Well, luckily for you Microsoft has tool called SharePoint which out-of-the-box can cater to the majority of businesses’ needs. Just add some light modifications, a good internal communications strategy and a tech competent team to manage it.  What types of businesses am I speaking of?  Well, small businesses of course (less than 5,000 employees max).  Let’s be realistic if you have a medium-sized plus organization you probably need a customized solution custom built to fit your needs; don’t skimp this article is not for you.  If you are a small business with a need for document management with a remote workforce this might be your ticket to optimal workflow and operational excellence.  After all that is your goal, right?  Or is it to connect employees, centralize documentation, information, procedures or policies?  SharePoint can do that too!


Using a SharePoint intranet to connect your team, your resources and your documents can be a great way to run lean and get work done.


We recently launched a project with the biggest franchisee of Dunkin’ Donuts and Taco Bell restaurants in the US.  Their goal was fairly simple: to utilize a platform that connected their employees, allowed their district managers to report restaurant audits and an executive dashboard to make sense of all this data.  It had to be scalable to meet the demands of their growing enterprise.  In three months we were able to build 99% of the functionality with minor calibration settings, user permissions and shared libraries.

The bulk of our workload came from designing and applying Bootstrap on SharePoint without breaking the core functionality.  It can be done and we did it.  Which we overcame with some problem solving skills and some good old Microsoft tech support.  It helps to have the person who holds the keys on your side or a phone call away!

Overall, if you need an intranet solution we can help.  We’ve deployed major SharePoint installations and have customized them using Bootstrap to operate as user-friendly websites.  Solution evaluations are always FREE, start your project today!

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