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Working With Small Business

Alyson Fredrick from Chalet Bowl was disturbed and plain upset with how her previous web solutions provider didn’t give her the time of day to address major concerns with her website.  Issues like the website being completely inaccessible (in our world that’s a catastrophic failure).  She also received miscellaneous invoices for unclear services.  At the end of the day she was paying monthly fees for services she didn’t know she was receiving and when she raised her concerns with her previous web solutions provider she got the run-around, and when she finally received the support it was with somebody who was around the world.  Communication was a gap, and forget about them being interested in her concerns.  To them, she was just another customer in triage.

Enter Buzz Boom Creative

As with all customers, the project started with a simple face-to0-face conversation.  Just like many small businesses, Chalet Bowl needed a local resource and somebody to go to for all their web needs.  Not somebody halfway around the world.  We are happy to announce the launch of the Proctor District’s Chalet Bowl new website.  

The Creative Process for Personal Brands

At Buzz Boom Creative, our number one priority is to work closely with customers to understand their branding and marketing goals.  Over a series of close creative interactions, we determine the goals as well as the experience for each customer touchpoint.  We go the extra mile to make sure all bases are covered, from a brand look to your potential customers.

The Development and Review Process

Our marketing firm works diligently to complete the initial mockups.  This is a critical time to work with customers on marketing campaigns to launch their new branding elements.  We continue to refine the requests of our customers until they accept and are happy about the product.

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