Transportation & Logistics Marketing

Marketing transportation inherently is not sexy, products move from point to point.  It’s not the latest concept to business or commerce.  In fact, the transportation of goods has been around for a very very long time.  The transportation industry is a result of commerce.  Commodities have to move from seller to buyer, from distributor to retailer, from grower to producer, and so on.  Sure, there are technology advancements that disrupt the industry every now and again like driverless technology, advanced tracking technology, and robotics.  So, where do you find the value and marketability of transportation firms?

The answer to good marketing in transportation relies on good operations.  If you can deliver on-time all-the-time regardless of all the external forces that’s good marketing.  Good customer service is good marketing in transportation.  Overall, setting expectations and communicating anomalies and disruptions in frequency is key.  Work with an experienced transportation marketing professional.  Start your project today!

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