national-clean-your-fridge-dayDid You Know Today is National Clean Your Refrigerator Day?

Whoop-de-doo right? If you are like us, you clean your fridge out more than once a year. If making sure your fridge is clean for this nation holiday farse is not your top priority, maybe something that promotes your company or organization is? We are talking about your website!

At Buzz Boom, we believe your website should always be in tip-top shape 100% of the time. Your website is your 24/7 marketing sales person and customer support concierge all-in-one. But if you haven’t thought about the dust that is collecting on you website since the last time it was updated, you might be unaware of the issues festering because of your neglect. So here is a list of things to clean up to keep your site running smoothly and your website visitors happy.

Is this all Greek to you? Do you wish you could just hire someone to do these critical updates for you and your company? We know the right people for the job, us!

Remove Broken Links

This seems like a tedious task, but depending if your site is built on WordPress (If not, it should be) there are a number of plugins you can install to help you find broken links. The benefit is that you can create a better experience for your visitor. If you can’t get your links fixed, how do visitors expect your company can provide quality services or products?

Dead Social Media Buttons

dead-social-mediaDid your company hire an intern for a quarter and they suggested the bright idea that your company should start a twitter account but nothing got posted other than some cute pictures of cats and TGIF memes? We if that’s the case, remove the icon that links to any of your long forgotten social media accounts. No one is going to do business with you because you have a twitter account that was last used in 2014.

Remove Clutter From Your Sidebar

If you haven’t noticed, we are strong advocates for building your website on WordPress. Although WordPress is easy to setup a generic site in minutes and it comes with a lot of features out-of-the-box, there are a number cluttery items that don’t get removed from the start. One of those items are the Meta links for logging in, default blog archives and more that are posted on your sites sidebar. If you want your website to be professional, you will want to remove these to avoid any confusion or misdirection from your visitors.

Remove Repetitive or Unneeded Content

Does your site have too much text content on your pages? How much is too much? A study suggests that readers only read about 28% of your content before they get distracted or you direct them elsewhere. So, go through your text content and check for any errors or mispellings while you are at it.

Remove Unused WordPress Plugins

If you have leftover lasagna from over a month ago, chances are it is stinking up your fridge. The same goes for any unused plugins that haven’t been updated in a while. Unused plugins especially if they are not up-to-date can slow you site down and lead to potential website hacks.  So get rid of them and experience a faster and safer site.

Reduce Large Images

If you have images that are higher than 1 MB you are doing your site a great disservice and making it load slower than it needs to be. Typically, you don’t store cooked food in the fridge in pots and pans right? You put the food in nice, condensed containers to free up space. The same goes with images. Condense them down to small sized so you can fit more with less space. On average our images are around 100kb. This keeps a website zippy as much as possible.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

Don’t Have the Time or Expertise to Update Your Website? Hire us!

If you would like to have your site audited and cleaned out, have a professional dedicated support team do it for you. Not only will we make sure your site is running at its full potential, we will even help you save time by giving you unlimited content updates.

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