Why you need a Content Marketing Strategy?

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plan-ideaToday content marketing is more important than ever. Company’s have the ability to have one on one connections with their customers. More and more companies are moving funds from their marketing budget from TV and radio to social media/content marketing.

For new organizations, a well-baked content strategy is missing from their marketing plan. Even worse, they post seldomly to their social media and update content on their website every 6 months. This is far from a content strategy and the effort that is made never gains traction.

A well-baked content marketing plan needs to have thought behind every post that is published and a team to support the plan.

6 Key Questions to Ask

To help, here are 6 key questions every company should ask themselves when creating a content strategy.

  1. Why are you publishing this content?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What kind of content are you going to publish? (Video, images, ads, articles)?
  4. What media platform(s) are you going to publish to?
  5. What time of week and day to post?
  6. How you will execute this strategy (What resources and team will help see this strategy though)?

Most of B2C businesses are creating more content now than they did ever before, but less than a third of them fail to document a content strategy on paper. Without a content strategy that your organization can follow, you will be wondering aimlessly in the vast sea of social media and missing your true potential.

Here are 5 tips to be mindful of when executing your content strategy.

1. Content is King

It’s an over used statement but content is king. Without content, you will not be successful in marketing or advertising. Gathering images of your products, services or team is a great place to start accumulating content. Another great way to generate content is writing down the recent activity of your organization.

The focus of generating and publishing good content is getting connected with customers, which will drive leads and sales. If you don’t broadcast content, no one will see or hear you.

2. It’s not that you post pictures of kittens, but why you post images of kittens.

People don’t buy into your products or services because you have a cute kitten graphic or video, but because the idea behind your cute kitten graphic that supports your reason for posting it. You have to communicate the message/idea clearly to customers within the content you publish. If your content does not support your goals or ideas that you are trying to convey, then you will have wasted time and money.

3. Consistency is Never forgotten

Consistently posting content will keep your company in the forefront of your customers thought. Getting a customer to follow you on social media is one feat but keeping your customer interested is another. So being consistent with your content helps formulate consumer habits and establish a brand mark on the conscience of your customer.

A content strategy makes your content more focused and increases it in quality. Quality content gets digested, liked, and shared with others.

4. If you provide quality service or products, your customer will say it loud.

Consumers are social. They read & write reviews, show & tell about their favorite new purchases and suggest others to buy them too. Social networks are social platforms first and shopping platforms second. Being connected with your customer will encourage followers to connect more, spreading the word of your product.

5. Storytelling

Telling your company’s story is important. It makes your company human. Emotions are why we share content and tell stories. If you can connect on an emotional level with your customer then you can connect with them for life.

Don’t Forget!

Create a defined content strategy, without it, you won’t be able quickly answer these questions

  • What type of content do we have?
  • What types of content we need?
  • Which content was most effective for achieving our business goal

Investing in a content strategy plan will help you achieve your goals quicker, with less stress and more success.

Do you have the support to execute your content strategy?

If you are new to online marketing or don’t have the staff to execute you content strategy, reach out to us here. We help clients’ with their content strategy so they can turn traffic into leads and sales.


Jul 13, 2016 | Online Marketing

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