Celebrating Over 15 Years of Service

by Mar 7, 2019

The First Buzz Boom Project


The idea of Buzz Boom was conceived in 1999 when a young high school teenager from North Carolina sold his very first graphic design project to his high school administrator, Mister Bey.  Mr. Bey was recently granted a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, for a fishing lure.  This fishing lure was unique, in the fact that once in flowing water the current would make the lure swivel making it appear to be swimming.  There was no other product like it.  Mr. Bey the avid fisherman, knew everything about fishing but nothing about branding and graphic design which he needed to begin marketing his new product.  It was then when Mr. Bey recruited help from a student in the high school computer lab.  The student’s name, Chris.


Chris was definitely not a graphic designer by any means but had acquired some 3D graphics programs and Photoshop 5 from a friend.  And up until now he had only worked in Photoshop manipulating graphics and making band flyers.  When Mr. Bey approached Chris to create some marketing collateral for his new product, Chris jumped on the opportunity to do some legitimate real-world work.


The Struggle

Chris felt determined to over deliver and do top-notch work for his new client, but there was also a slight chance Chris could not deliver anything at all.  Chris worked tirelessly to build the brand materials and he even created some digital animations.  Two weeks later revealed all his deliverables to Mr. Bey.  Chris had never charged for work before and was just happy to have the opportunity to work on a legitimate project.  When Mr. Bey saw all the materials he was so happy, he pulled out his checkbook on spot and insisted on paying Chris.  After refusing a multitude of times, Chris reluctantly accepted $150.00 for the work. It was with that very transaction when the idea of Buzz Boom was born.


It wasn’t until 2004, after several projects, and many many business ventures later the name Buzz Boom came around.  A failed t-shirt company taught Chris the value of not spreading into too many ventures at once and to focus on a core set of products and services one at a time.  On March 17th Chris purchased the BuzzBoom.com domain and from there began a freelance creative agency.


[Buzz Boom Landing Page 10/1/04… See more on The Wayback Machine] This landing page was only intended as a temporary placeholder until the complete site can be built.  It actually became an advertisement for our services and brought lots of work.  Ironically it delayed the launch of the site beyond the 11/01/04 launch date.


Today, Buzz Boom continues to deliver valuable brand experiences for our customers.  We’ve traveled a 15+ year journey, and have gained invaluable expertise and knowledge about how audiences in different industries engage with their favorite brands.  From startups to household name brands we deliver work on the simple basis that we treat every project like it’s our very first project.  Like the one, Mr. Bey purchased from Chris.  Our drive is the excitement and the appreciation that we can be a part of something great, your greatness.

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