ABDD Capital LLC – SharePoint Intranet Build

ABDD Capital LLC is the largest franchisee of Dunkin’ Donuts and Taco Bell restaurants in the United States.  The operate in several states and are based out of New York, New York.  We have a long standing relationship with them and have created several resources for them and their construction entity Northstar Construction.

SharePoint Intranet Build Features:

  • Store views with manager paperwork submission, event calendars and discussion board access
  • Store manager view acknowledgements for counseling, operations and compliance workflows
  • District views with resource links, DM Audit submission, paperwork management and discussion board moderation
  • The ability for district managers to conduct store audits on their mobile devices, save the progress to the cloud then update saved audits at a later time when they can interview employees through their laptops or tablets
  • Executive dashboard with data rollup view from user submitted information for operational compliance
  • Centralized departmental document libraries, contact lists and calendars
  • Mobile friendly ability for field managers to submit audit data using their mobile devices
  • Bootstrap style library
  • Cloud-based centralized resources

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Project Resources:

SharePoint Hosted Services 2016, Operations System Agnostic, Mobile-Friendly, Bootstrap Library, SharePoint Designer 2013, FireFox w/ FireBug Plugin, Propeller Head Hat

Project Image Gallery:

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